BFC Acknowledges Graham Newman

The British Fire Consortium, which is the largest trade association for fire related companies in the UK, has appointed Graham Newman as its President. This is only the second time in the Consortium's history that such an appointment has been made and followed a vote by BFC members to acknowledge Graham's achievements and efforts for the Consortium and the fire industry in general over the last 20 years.

Graham has been the Consortium's Standards Advisor since 1986, its Technical Officer since 1990 and also represents the Consortium on the BSI Technical Committees responsible for the development of standards for portable fire extinguishers and portable gas cyclinders.

In Europe he represents the UK as Principal Expert on various CEN committees and is Secretary to the CEN/TC 70/WG5 committee which wrote the newly published EN3 standard for portable fire extinguishers.

Graham gained most of his knowledge about gases and cylinders during his time with BOC, which he joined as a Project Engineer after graduating from Leicester University. He remained involved with the design and manufacture of innovative gas cylinders until setting up his own company, ECS (Midlands) Ltd. in 1989.

ECS is primarily involved in the development and distribution, in Europe and New Zealand, of the unique seamless, non-corrosive, aluminium monoblock cylinders which are manufactured by Bruin in Canada. His company also manufactures portable fire extinguishers and is involved in servicing and training.

Contrary to the specific responsibilities of individual BFC Council members, Graham believes the primary role of President is that of a general overseeing of all elements of the Consortium and re-steering where necessary.

He adds, "I believe trade associations like the British Fire Consortium are vital to give credibility to member companies and also to provide them with a valuable networking group where they can find out about the latest legislation and standards."

To locate a member of the British Fire Consortium or to find out how to become a member, please visit or contact Jacqui Tealen, the General Secretary, on 0333 123 5306 or at