Fire Alarm Module 6

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Dwellings to BS 5839 part 6

This is a half day course
Delegates need to complete the basic foundation fire detection course before proceeding to this course on BS 5839-6.
BS 5839-6 is a difficult standard to understand at the first or even second reading. This course is intended to explain BS 5839-6 in easily managed parts. Tests are included to consolidate the learning process.
Start 9.00am, finish approximately 1.00pm, depending on questions.

The format includes tests spread through the day, multiple choice.
Delegates achieving 75% in the assessment tests will receive a pass Certificate.

Session 1

BS 5839-1 compared to BS 5839-6
Definitions of dwellings and communal areas
Risk analysis
Approved Document B (ADB)
BS 5839-6 Grades and categories introduction
Detail on Grade A to F
Comparison of grades.

Batteries and battery life
Audible alarms and dBA sound pressure
Alarms for people with hearing impairment
Wiring for grades A and B
Wiring for Grades C to F
Categories of protection LD1, 2, 3, PD1, 2

Session 2

Manual call points
Categories and grades example table
ADB guidance
Choosing a system grade and category
Mixed systems (BS 5839-1 mixed with BS 5839-6)
Mains power supplies
Standby power supplies
Major differences between BS 5839-1 and BS 5839-6
User training
Routine testing and maintenance